Study Skills

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Term 1 of 2018 at Sum of Us. We hope everyone is feeling refreshed and looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.

At the end of last year, several parents asked us to provide a
Study Skills Workshop for older students Years 10 -12.

For all interested students, this workshop will now take place at
1040 North Road Bentleigh East on Saturday 3rd February at 3pm

The facilitators for this workshop will be Sara Trethewey and our highly regarded guest speaker Joy Brown. Joy has a great wealth of experience helping students develop their study skills as part of her role as Head of House at a large Grammar School.
The objectives of the workshop are
• To provide practical ideas and advice regarding ways to study.
• To enable students to manage their workload effectively.
• To develop healthy and effective work habits,
• To provide guidelines for revision etc.

During the workshop students will be actively involved in: reflecting and improving on their current practices; setting SMART goals; managing their time to meet those goals; and becoming familiar with a range of methods of study that may be required for different subjects.

At Sum of Us we hope that mentoring our students in this way will help them become more adept at managing their work and help them to achieve even better results. (Our joint dux achieved 99.75 this year Congratulations Akila and Anthea!)

If you are interested in your child attending our Study Skill course please email or ring Sara on 0411 588 085.

Please be aware places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
It is expected that the workshop will last between 60 -90mins.

Parents are invited to attend the first part of the presentation. After this the students will be asked to independently plan for their first terms study. We will then encourage students to share their study planner with their parents on their return.
Towards the end of the first term we will follow up and provide an evaluation opportunity where students can reflect on their goals and their progress and make any necessary changes for term 2.

Cost $50 per family.

End of Year at Sum of Us

Congratulations to all our Year 12 students who are now relaxing and enjoying their free time post VCE and IB. We are anticipating great results after all your hard work!

In the meantime we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.  Sum of Us will be closed from 15 December and reopen 15 January.

Click the ‘Our Programs’ page to learn about our head-start programs that begin in January. Please don’t hesitate to email any inquiries about the head-start programs and individual tuition to and we will reply shortly.

Newsletter December 2017

Dear Friends and Parents,

What an amazing year we have had at Sum of Us. Many thanks to everyone who has supported us this last semester with the transition from Stephensons Rd to North Road. After 14 years working with students in Mt Waverley it is fantastic to finally be in our own purpose built place delivering again our one on one services with a passion. Bentleigh East is a great location and the new place is working so well, thanks for the positive comments from so many of you. We would love to hear more feedback.

Once again at this time of year we have been receiving wonderful reports, with so many students achieving great results in their school examinations and end of year progress reports. We continue to award the Student of the Month to an outstanding individual. Congratulations Anthony Naggar, Teri Selalmatzidis and Esther Flynn for winning this award in September, October and November, respectively.

Our year 12 students should now be enjoying a well-earned rest; whilst everyone else is moving on and making a head start on their new year.

As usual we have a variety of programs running throughout the school holidays at Bentleigh from 15th January. These include Intensive English, all maths courses for VCE, Middle years science, transition programs year 6 to 7 and a variety of primary workshops. Following several requests we are running a study skills course for Year 9 -12 at the start of the school year. For more details please email Sara directly ( or ring her on 0419342150.

Sum of Us term ends on Friday 15th December although teachers may be available for make up lessons the following week or if you prefer to leave this until January school will reopen from the 15th January when classes can be made up too.

Our traditional break up party and celebration of student success has been moved from the busy time of Christmas to the New Year. A date for your 2018 diary is the weekend of the 3rd/4th Feb at East Bentleigh. We hope this makes it easier to attend.

Sadly, after 7 years of working at Sum of Us, Pam B has decided to step back a little next year as she is planning to travel more in 2018 and wants to spend more time with her grandchildren before they start school. We would like to thank Pam for making such a valuable contribution at Sum of Us her experience commitment and passion she has shared with us will be missed. We secretly hope she will be back when the time is right.

On another note we welcome back, after a couple of years away from us, Brenda Brighton. Brenda brings with her a wealth of experience in middle years and a passion for educating the whole child. This year she was presented with an award from the Education Dept. in recognition of her services.

At Sum of Us we are proud of the individual tuition we provide. We are committed to nurturing our students so that they develop the belief in themselves, their confidence and their self-esteem. This area including building resilience and combating anxiety will be a large focus at Sum of Us in 2018.

We will be back in touch again in Jan at the start of the new year with further details but please feel free to contact us if you want to change times or days for 2018. There are limited spaces and times available in Term 1 for those students who remained at Mt Waverley, most students have informed us already of their commitment and preference to stay in this location. If you haven’t already done so please inform us by 14th Dec. so we can try to organise this for you.

Finally don’t forget to put party weekend in your diary. Have a browse on the website for programs in January or pick up the phone so we can discuss your individual requirements.
In the meantime everyone at Sum of us would like to wish you and your family a very safe, happy and healthy Christmas with every good wish for 2018.

Sara and Graeme and our team of inspirational teachers.

Ritvik’s Maths Problem Solving game!

This week, at Camelot Rise Ritvik presented his Maths Problem Solving game that he made at Sum of Us. It was a challenge, designing and making up appropriate maths tasks for his year 6 class. He did a great job, the class were highly motivated, challenged and loved the opportunity to work in different pairs. Ritvik said afterwards that he was “relieved it was over, it was hard being a teacher!”
I was so proud of the way Ritvik so confidently presented, read and helped the students in his class to work strategically through his game. His class teacher Mrs Bet was too! Congratulations Ritvik, your hard work was so worth it, Awesome job!